Terri Rodriguez

micah vélez-jones / co-director & producer


Terri is a writer, mixed media artist, and Co-Director of the How it Ends podcast. Like Micah, she is a Puerto Rican Providence transplant by way of New Jersey (and like, 5 other states) and landed here by throwing a dart at a map. Terri hopes she never loses that kind of bravery. If you see her out she’s probably laughing, holding a cocktail, or hiking a trail. Ideally, it’s a combination of the three. Once, someone told her she was the personification of an arrow. Her Sagittarius moon loved that, her Virgo sun said, so you’re saying I’m direct?

IG: @afterbourbon
Twitter: @northeastshorty
Micah’s IG: @zorroyoso


Stephanie Resendes

elia cabral / co-director & producer


Stephanie is a good writer, bad plant mom, and Co-Director of the How it Ends podcast. She’s a Providence, RI native, wannabe chef, Portuguese, and a little bit snarky, so it was natural for her to play Elia. Stephanie’s favorite places to be are on the couch with her dogs or traveling to new places with her husband to see what kind of potato chip flavors they have. She’s not ignoring you, she’s just an Aquarius.

IG: @stephanie.resendes
Twitter: @nomissstayhere
Elia’s IG: @mintchocolateshit




Alozie Nwosu

devon williams


Alozie works as a Web Developer, but his passion lies in storytelling, both as a consumer and creator. A longtime fan of podcasts, Alozie was excited by the opportunity to join the cast of How It Ends. Having taken the Intro to Podcasting class at AS220, he and good friend Gillian Bell started their own podcast “A Cast of Thousands” providing reviews and recommendations from the long list of podcasts in their respective feeds.

IG: @castopods


Brian Medeiros

luke james


Brian is a local Rhode Islander. Most would describe him as aloof, curious, hungry, and Portuguese-American. In his free time he can be found working on his home, following the sport of soccer, and eating entirely too much cake.

IG: @bemeddling


Shey Rivera

ava vélez-jones


Shey is an interdisciplinary artist and writer who loves making animated gifs and altars. They were born and raised in rural Puerto Rico and live in Providence.

IG: @sheyriv


Joshua Van Ness

nolan jones


Joshua is the voice of Nolan and his daughter voices young Micah.

Joshua is the Music Director for How it Ends. Check out the “Crew” section below for his full bio.

IG: @joshuavannessmusic


Sarah Champagne

billie campbell


Sarah is a librarian, writer, and filmmaker originally from Portland, Oregon. When not dreaming up their next Super 8 mm film and capturing friends in front of the camera, they love spending time with their senior rescue pup, Cleveland, and exploring New England on their trusty bike, Cornelius.

IG: @queerdp


Alex Lupica

john buckley


Alex would like you to believe he is a writer and musician from Providence, RI long enough for it to become true. He can be found collecting outdated media, traveling to all 50 state capitals, and probably being angry on the internet. 

IG: @xlupica


Tyler Murphy

ben keller


Tyler is a writer, a teacher, a Fulbright alumni, and, consistently, a work in progress. He lives in a basement in Quincy, MA surrounded by stacks of books.

IG: @tcampmurp


Matthew Belair

officer mark schrade


Matthew is a musician, amateur horticulturist, emerging voice actor, and someone who would like to take more naps. Having used his voice for his entire life to connect with people, Matthew began doing so professionally in 2012. He began using it to connect with birds in the second grade. 

IG: @bowlofbird14


Victoria Thomson

amelia perry


Tori is a mental health counselor and educational entrepreneur. She prides herself on her knowledge of Harry Potter trivia and her fearlessness in the pursuit of the perfect at-home platinum blonde. She loves hiking, the beach, coffee, and bath bombs.

IG: @victoriacatherine89




Chris Anderson

audio engineer


Chris builds and works in media labs. He's addicted to Pearl Jam, running, and creating audio/visual landscapes to help melt your brain.

IG: @ayrwaves


Joshua Van Ness

music director


Joshua is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, composer, and father from New Jersey. He is obsessed with anything that makes sounds. Joshua believes that we are closest to God where the waves meet the shore. He roots for the NY Mets, and therefore is often unhappy.

IG: @joshuavannessmusic


Lesley Kinzel

creative consultant


Lesley is a writer and social justice activist. She is the author of a 2012 memoir called "Two Whole Cakes," was Deputy Editor on now-defunct women's media site, and has more recently worked as a writer and associate producer on the Netflix reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000. She is also a part time clerk at a dildo shop in Providence, RI. In her free time, she does more work.


Emily Boucher

artist in residence


Emily is an artist, social activist, and high school math teacher living in southern Rhode Island. She firmly believes terrible puns are the secret to eternal life. She is a cat person, because she's smart. She isn't very funny.

IG: @snacktimeart