micah jones

the host

Micah is a Providence transplant by way of New Jersey, bartender, aspiring photographer, hiker, and sometimes-loner. When not slinging drinks from behind the bar or living that temp life she can be found: wandering around in the forests of New England, petting her cat (Fox Mulder), searching for a Rhode Island bagel that tastes like home, or some combination of the three.

She likes audiobooks, reddit, plants, cats, and Devon. Elia is trash.  

Micah loves podcasts but never thought she’d make one herself. So, please be kind. Her favorites are: Pod Save America, Love YA Like Crazy, Imaginary Worlds, My Brother My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, and Pop Culture Happy Hour. 

Find her at: @zorroyoso | pinterest

devon williams

the tech

Devon was born and raised on the edge of Providence and there are few things he loves more than this tiny city. He is a communications nonprofit professional by day and screenprinter by night. When he was 10, his mom took him to the Museum of Modern Art and he stumbled upon an exhibit by Jasper Johns and it sparked his love for printmaking right there on the spot.

He is a self-professed audiophile and is rarely seen without headphones in his ears. Favorites are:  Frank Ocean, The Internet, Donny Hathaway, Grant Green, A Tribe Called Quest, Chicago, R.E.M.

He’s a podcast aficionado and listens to 99 Percent Invisible, Sound Exploder, Dissect, Metta Hour Podcast, The Daily Zeitgeist, and Code Switch.

Though he loves his work in communications on behalf of nonprofits, he remains doubtful of the merits of social media in his own life.

elia cabral


Elia is a chef in Providence and no, she’s not telling you where. When she’s not killing it in the kitchen she’s stuffing her face, exploring for new foods to try, learning tarot, and spending time with her giant family or two dumb friends.

Elia’s favorite podcasts are Gastropod, Burnt Toast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, MBMBAM, The NoSleep Podcast, and The Splendid Table.

She’s bad at Instagram, but still hit her up @mintchocolateshit.