episode 7: beyond the wall of sleep


a while back i put out a call for folks to reach out to me if they had a story or an experience that is similar to the dream i’m having/the story luke told at the bar. 

to be honest i wasn’t sure if anyone would respond but it seemed worth it because what if there is some connection? 

after weeding through some prank calls, a few “would you like to get 10,000 followers on IG? click here” DMs, and more spam emails than i can count… i did get one response worth noting. 


ben and i spent a little bit emailing back and forth and after dancing around the subject of what happened to him, he finally asked if we could meet in person. he said he didn’t really want to explain the entire story in an email. 

so i went, but to be on the safe side, i took luke with me. 

ben’s story was… something. 

but the scariest part of that day wasn’t even the fact that ben’s story sounds like mine, or luke’s… or that it reminded me a little of my dad. 

it was what came after, when i was going through his journal. what happened then was… 

listen to the episode to hear it for yourself.