episode 2: three little bears / mom's voicemail


my mom and i played phone tag a bit and she left me a voicemail that really freaked me out. she said that the night my dad died, he was yelling to her… “Don’t let Micah see, don’t let Micah see” over and over again. i found that same phrase written in a book that was stored with a bunch of my dad’s things. i took some things when i left my mom’s house… so i had it with me in providence. 

when i told devon and elia, elia immediately made us drive to salem to get a bunch of stuff that would cleanse the book… 

it was a weird day because the shopkeeper in elia’s favorite store (nope, not naming it) decided to tell me i had something i needed to remember, that it was important… but clammed up when i pushed her to tell me what she meant. i’m sure you get how that went. 

and then out of nowhere, while we were in a bar… we ran into luke james. he was aimee’s boyfriend. aimee… yeah, my childhood friend that i haven’t spoken to in years. the one my mom asked me about on thanksgiving. fucking weird, right?

listen to episode 2: three little bears here and my mom’s voicemail here.